July 25, 2023

Statement from Kevin McCorry, formerly known as Magi Kevin:

I have seen the current online defamation regarding Helena, aka Magi Helena. As a witness to nearly all of these events, I will say without reservation that there were things asserted by the Magi Society that were not true. I was there every step of the way. These defamatory accusations are lies with the intention of damaging her professional reputation. I cannot support this.  I will not stand by and watch my colleague railroaded with revisionist history and intentionally defamed, and I have resigned from the Magi Society. 

Helena served the Society as a magnificent ambassador and supporter for them for over 20 years.  She volunteered countless hours to help further the goals of Society. Many of you reading this joined the Society and purchased their products at her urging.  The Society did not even have the decency to thank her for her service. 

Helena is a woman of immense integrity who conducts her entire life, personal and professional, with grace and honor. I have known her for over 18 years and was a client of Helena’s before we became colleagues. In astrological matters, where I needed perspective, she has been my trusted astrologer throughout my professional career. Helena is brilliant, wise, and a consummate professional. I give her my highest recommendation,.. and so do hundreds, upon hundreds, of her satisfied clients.

I have approved the posting of this announcement on


Kevin McCorry

Statement from Helena, aka Magi Helena:

Internet defamation is “The online publication of a false statement as fact, that is harmful to someone’s professional reputation.”

It has been very hard being attacked over a prolonged period by someone I used to honor, respect, and love. You guys only saw the public side in the last few weeks, behind the scenes this torrent of abuse went on for more than 2 years! Living in a war zone takes its toll.

Sidebar: When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Moderator DGN
This student/member was duped into posting defamation on Facebook. In New York state, the Society only faces civil charges and damages for their defamatory posts. But in DGN’s state of residence, defamation is a CRIMINAL activity. She could face jail time and a significant fine, with a statute of limitations of 2 years.

DGN: You’re a strong astrologer and you continue to be welcome in my world. Reach out if you ever need to talk to someone who was a girl-tool-fool a lot longer than you.

Fact-checking matters.
Think: Would a benevolent, protective mentor expose a student to this risk?
Forgiveness matters!! We ALL make mistakes.

ADDENDUM/CLARIFICATION for DGN, in light of your most recent Facebook posts. I’m leaving my original statement here as-is so everyone can see exactly what I originally wrote.

DGN, You should have fact-checked before posting. You were duped because you were lied to. Then you publicly posted that lie, which is a criminal act in your state of residence. It’s defamation because it’s LIES. Kevin has risked his own livelihood to uphold the truth of my statements.

The burden of proof is now on the Society, but your master has at least 1.2M reasons not to engage in a war of facts, so I suspect he’ll be done after this.

Newsflash: I have a right to be angry. These are malicious and egregious attacks on my character and livelihood.

And, I’m accountable: I don’t want to do harm even with justifiable feelings, so I want to own my piece and make amends to you. I’m truly sorry for my derisive tone. It should not have been directed at you. I apologize. What I meant is that I allowed myself to be used a lot longer than you have, so you need feel no shame. I feel that I WAS a fool.

I’ll re-state my offer to you this way: Many teacher’s pets were there before you, all have now left. There is a clear pattern. Reach out if you ever need to talk to someone whose been there.

AND THIS, DGN: Nothing below this line references you in any way whatsoever, ONLY references others.

What’s really happening is an astrology SCHISM.

A parting of ways.

I’ve retained what has been proven to work consistently but have released manipulative, nonsensical, and temporary, just-to-justify, made-up doctrine in search of more knowledge.

You are going to see plenty of conflicting advice. You’ll have to consider whether the advice you see is genuine and fact-based or comes from an ulterior motive. Notice what comes out first and what is reactionary. It will probably be very crazymaking not knowing who to believe. I am so very sorry for the confusion and upset this will likely create for you!!!

I CAN’T SAY and I WON’T SAY I have all knowledge. No one does even if they claim to. We level up from past discoveries. It’s called progress. That’s how science works: We search for new understanding.

I must have wanted the safety of a doctrine, or why would I have put up with so much bad behavior for so long? That plus needing their old software for my livelihood at that time kept me in a system with just one rulerboi controlling all conversation and all output for far too long. Now I get it. It can be a bigger Universe than that.

The only way any of us know anything with certainty is via clear-headed observation. I encourage you to use your critical thinking, observe objectively, and reach your own conclusions, whether about a peoples’ characters or about astrological accuracy.

I can say this: I give you the highest standard of accuracy, transparency, caring, and professionalism I possibly can, each and every day. Like all humans, some days I’m capable of more than other days. That is all I can offer anyone: My personal, day-by-day BEST.

About Best-Worst Days:
Remember the real, non-gaslit, history: The Society had no problem in being late every month with Best-Worst Days. They had no problem in not delivering the promised & paid-for extra month ahead. They had no problem in finally just leaving people high and dry. They have no problem with other failed promises. But it was evidently a REALLY BIG problem that someone else picked up and continued Best-Worst Days.

When the Society stopped publishing Best-Worst Days a year ago, I did them manually for months. 20+ EXTRA work hours EVERY month on top of an already-stupid workload. You needed them. I needed them. I wanted to automate the selection process but didn’t see where to begin until February of this year. That is when I was Guided to the seed of the idea for my newest algorithm.

This new algorithm is a complete distillation of ALL scientific multidimensional principles in the public domain since 1995. A TRUE mentor would be PROUD.

This algorithm has now been tested upside-down and backwards. When and if I do a reveal of the underlying principles, and I am considering it, you’ll see exactly what I mean. If the Society wants to claim my Best-Worst Days are not accurate, they’ll have to walk back EVERY SINGLE PRINCIPLE ever taught.

And this: I’ll revise the algorithm every time there is significant and fully-proven new knowledge.

About July 31:
Think about how easy it is to sit around and wait for someone to publish something, then just refute it, without any actual evidence. July 31 is a perfect example. It’s a great day for a launch, especially an astrology launch, so it MUST BE HIDDEN. MUST. BE. REFUTED.

Psssss, Pssssss: Check out my big new drop July 31! 50% off July 31-Aug. 1 only. Now that I have finally learned some marketing, I can’t help myself… LOL.

About my leaving the Society:
I left while I still had an option open. I later decided not to take it, and simply announced my resignation on social media. Kevin was on all calls and can substantiate this.

About the “Certification” Program:
Kevin and I had no authority to certify anyone for our entire tenure 2013-2022. During development, we called it the Study Program. We were told it must be called the Certification Program, and that a merit-based certification process would be developed for us to implement. This was never done; we never had any control over this.

About my syndicated column:
From the beginning, I have been 100% transparent with my syndicator and on my website about having an editorial team. Think anyone delivering this much content weekly DOESN’T have a team?

It has said so, right here, since Day 1 of my “Your Daily Astrology” column:

About going forward:
I’m going to continue to listen to my own guidance, do my own research, and build my own offerings as I’ve been doing for years now. The businesses were always 100% separate. I’m still planning to dump that old Magi name when I have the time and the stars are right. Also, see THE FUTURE OF ASTROLOGY, below.

I’ve JUST been diagnosed (July 2023) with a recurrence of my breast cancer from 2016, so I’ll need to re-enter treatment. Stressed much recently??? I have a great attitude and a great treatment protocol, so please don’t worry. My protocol worked for 5 years, but I cheated on part of in the last 2 years during all the stress. This is only a setback, NOT devastating news.

About Getting Clarity:
If you’re ever in doubt about a relationship or situation, make yourself a timeline using the barest/baldest facts only, no excuses, no interpretations, no assumptions. I did this and it really helped me see the red-flag patterns I didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t see for most of the 24 years. Use your discernment; follow your inner guidance; listen to your gut.

About Lies and Truth:
Just because they want to go low doesn’t mean I will allow myself to be dragged down. I’d rather focus on creating and building rather than waging some pointless, wasteful battle.

I have conducted myself with highest ethical standards, I have 24 years of proofs and I have additional witnesses besides Kevin. I have a long history with the Society including multiple and varied dealings which would surprise you. I’m a great record-keeper and I have no fear of any exposure. I’ll sing it all from the rooftops; I myself have nothing I want or need to keep in the shadows.

A delusional worldview can forestall business success just as effectively as bad natalizations.
Bad ethics come back to you. Conduct yourself honorably and there’s no fear of exposure.
DON’T LIE TO PEOPLE! Then your whole LIFE isn’t just a frantic coverup.
I have paid for and all related website development costs out of my own pocket for more than 10 years. I was planning to let this domain go, but considering events, I’ll keep it a while longer. Check back from time to time for more posts.

FIRST, THANK YOU to all the students and members who sent me the links and Facebook screenshots. Thank you for all the emails in support. I so appreciate your loyalty, your love, and your outrage on my behalf! This was really hard, your support really helped!!!

SECOND, THANK YOU KEVIN. He said he would set the record straight, and he did. I didn’t just get a defense, I got a tribute. WOW.

You can see his resignation from the Society on his website.

Instead of being competitors, we have always been allies. Realize that all the behind-the-scenes toxic drama has been super hard on him too. I’m not the only one who has lost nights of sleep!

Yes, I’m his astrologer sometimes. He is MY astrologer sometimes. I have enormous respect for Kevin as an absolutely top-notch world-class scientific astrologer. We help each other in business. We offer each other second pairs of eyes when needed. And we have become friends.

His Guidance is a little different than mine and we don’t always agree, but we agree most of the time and always listen to each other. May you one day have a friend and a colleague like this. It is literally a gift beyond measure.


For a while now I have been working on an idea that just feels so good in my heart… I’d love to roll it out immediately while you guys are reeling from all this needless BS; I think it could create some security and healing for you as a side benefit. I’m reading your emails; I’m feeling your pain. So sorry for the bystander slime-ation!!!! Only if I can, I hope to debut it in November of this year.

>>>>> I seriously need to take a breath first. The stress of 2 years of assaults on my character, my competence, and my livelihood (by someone I would previously have taken a bullet for) has taken a big toll. I need to grant myself some grace to heal emotionally, and I need to see how this next round of cancer treatment is going to go. I HAVE TO get better at self-care. I’ve never have been good at it in the face of my excitement for all the cool stuff I want to build in the world!


A REAL, OPEN astrology research community.
Research programs provided to you.

  • NO Master-Student hierarchy. No one knows everything. We’ll all post; we’ll all learn.
  • The primary/central requirement: SHARING YOUR FINDINGS with the entire community.
  • I WILL NOT ALLOW any private sharing of discoveries with ME.
  • I WILL share the personal stuff I’m working on… I’ve got sooo many hypotheses that I haven’t had time to run with. Let’s grow the knowledgebase for all.

I hope that the platform and tools I provide can empower any of you/many of you to make LEGACY contributions to the world of astrology.

The future should be BIG, not small. It’s not going to be about what any one person or organization can discover, or try to OWN. It needs to be about empowering more understanding for all. Maybe it’s waaaay too big of a dream, but I’m setting up to try!!!

What’s the $$ for if you can’t use it to pay it forward?
Income-wise, I’m good with my proprietary algorithm-based products. I have one new product launching July 31, and more products already in my R&D pipeline. I have a nice life. So why not facilitate new knowledge getting discovered??

I do pro-bono work and sliding-scale work, I donate to worthy causes, I have other charitable projects in the works… why not become a PATRON of ASTROLOGY RESEARCH?

I drank the Kool-Aid and was respectful of their rules for 24 years, but personally I’m the opposite of a knowledge-hoarder. It’s the weighting that makes an algorithm, not just pure knowledge, so new discoveries are just not any competition to my livelihood. My digital astrology products pay my bills and fund my giving-back; pure knowledge should belong to the world.

I’m looking at WordPress platforms for our new community. So far it appears we’ll be able to have a more robust platform online than we would get on social media. It’s not even looking like it’s going to be that expensive to set up and run, about $2K in dev costs, about $2-3K a year for paid moderation and site & server maintenance. That is doable for me. If you know a community/forum plugin that has worked for you, save me some time and LMK.

My initial plan is to give you:

  • Login access to 10+ research utilities I built for myself
  • Basic instruction in how to do astrological research
  • Organized sheets for logging and sharing findings
  • A web community/forum to share with
  • Complex tag system so you can do all kinds of lookups

This SO exciting to me!!!
I am just SO over having my time wasted and my mission obscured.

I’m just moving on…
Initiating as I’m called to do…

The “Genius Portal
Is one of the things I want to explore. I’m collecting data on when people are most inspired, most plugged in to Highest Guidance. These are times when anyone can do their best work, best fulfill their cosmic mission. All genius really actually is, is being plugged-in! I see some of the pattern but I’m hearing it’s more than just one transit at work. Seems like understanding this timing could be so wonderful at a time when the Earth needs all the geniuses she can find!

Energy is Fluid
It’s a Shaolin move, and a Cinderella move, to channel energy used against you so it flows into building more strength, more goodness, and more beauty in the world.

I’m Inclusive
You are welcome to study and participate wherever and whatever; you are still welcome to be part of the new research collective. I seek to serve, not to rule.

I’ve invested in you before. I want to invest in you again.

Thank you for being in my world! I love you.

Stay tuned. Check back. Get on the email list.

Love, Love, Love,


Want to participate in the new research community?
I don’t know yet when it will roll out. I will occasionally shoot you an update and keep you in the loop. Sign up and you’ll get news as soon as there is any.

Here’s the link, scroll down to the signup form. If you’ve already signed up here, you’re good, no need to resubmit: